Additional Services

Arborist services in Sevierville, Gatlinburg, TN and beyond

  • Arborist assessment: ISA arborist will assess all trees (within an hour) and provide recommendations and estimate for treatment if necessary. Recommended if you are unsure of what you would like done, or if anything needs to be done.
  • Tree removal permit: some cities may require special documentation, including an arborist report on the trees to be removed. Price includes filing for the permit for you.
  • Arborist report: visual and ground inspection of tree(s) and written report of findings for a professional/commercial setting.

Tree and Plant Health Services

  • Soil samples to determine any nutrient deficiencies/promote better health for your plants
  • Plant disease samples to determine any bacterial, fungal, or viral diseases affecting your plant
  • Fertilizer services to treat any deficiencies determined by soil sample
  • Herbicide services to kill undesirable plants
  • Fungicide services to help prevent or slow the decay within trees
  • Herbicide/fungicide services to treat plant diseases
  • Insecticide services to control excessive or particularly harmful insect populations on plants

Tree Protection

  • Installation of lightning rods within the tree to help prevent damage due to lightning. Particularly useful in tall, or lone, trees.
  • Cabling of branches to each other to provide overall stability within the crown. Particularly useful in a large canopy spread over a high value area.
  • Propping/Guying trees to provide stability from a main branch or stem to the ground. Particularly useful in leaning trees or low, heavy, perpendicular branches.

B & B Tree Management
is proud to have an ISA Certified Arborist on Staff