How to Prevent Common Tree Problems on Your Property

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How to Prevent Common Tree Problems on Your PropertyTrees provide shade and privacy and help beautify the landscape around your property. It can be frustrating when the trees around your home don’t seem to be thriving or have become eyesores. This is especially true if you’ve invested time and money into them. Making sure you’re providing the proper care and maintenance for your trees can save you time and money in the long run. Here are some common tree problems and what you can do to prevent them.

Tree Diseases

Trees don’t require the constant maintenance that grass or flowerbeds do, so when they aren’t thriving, it’s usually a sign of disease. Overall lack of growth; branches that are dead, dried out, or sagging; and trunks with dead or peeling bark are all signs of tree disease. Insects and fungal infections are common ailments and can spread to other trees on the property if not treated appropriately. Having an arborist assess a tree that is showing signs of poor health can help save the problem tree and prevent the disease from infecting otherwise healthy trees.

Lack of Tree Maintenance

Tree’s should be low-maintenance, especially once they’re well-established on the property, but that doesn’t mean they require no maintenance at all. Routine maintenance like trimming and shaping will help keep tree problems at bay, ensure your trees look their best, and help you avoid property damage.

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