Learn more about how we’re being smarter about fire prevention.

Every year, usually during the summer, wildfires run rampant across many parts of the U.S., causing severe property damage, tree damage, and problems for wildlife. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association states that nearly 45 million homes in the U.S. currently intermingle with wildlands and more than 72,000 communities in the U.S. are subject to major wildfire risks.

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At B&B Tree Management, we believe that by working together with the residents in our local community, we can make neighborhoods much safer from wildfires. One of the ways we have started doing this is by implementing fire-wise practices and educating our clients and communities on how to reduce the risk of wildfire.

Some of our recommendations for reducing fire risks include:

  • Clearing away pine needles, dead leaves, and anything that can burn from your property
  • Screening for openings in your property and sealing any noticeable openings in your home
  • Trimming back shrubs and trees that come in contact with your home
  • Raking away any landscaping mulch, so it is always at least five feet from your foundation
  • Removing woodpiles, spare lumber, and anything that could act as a large fuel source from your yard

Our goal is to make our community smarter when it comes to preventing wildfires by partnering with HOAs, community organizations, local businesses, and residents. For more information about this initiative and to learn more about what you can do to prevent wildfires where you live, contact us today.