Reasons Why Tree Removal is Often Necessary

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In our experience here at B&B Tree Management, many people become fond of the trees on their property, which can make them reluctant to have the trees removed. Unfortunately, tree removal is often necessary for the good of your property as a whole. In this article, we’ll go over some of the main reasons why tree removal is necessary in so many cases.

Reasons Why Tree Removal is Often Necessary

  • Tree Removal Prevents Damage From Storms – One reason why you might need tree removal services is because the tree itself is weak or dying, which will put your property at a high risk when storms roll in. If there’s a diseased or dead tree on your property the next time a storm arrives, it’s likely the winds could knock the tree or its branches down and onto your house. Removing these trees promptly will eliminate the risk they pose to your property.
  • Tree Removal Prevents Root Intrusion – Tree removal is also necessary in cases where the tree’s roots are growing too close to your home or its underground utility lines. Tree roots extend as far from the trunk underground as the branches extend in the air, and they can easily reach many underground utilities. When roots intrude into these utility lines, they can create serious problems. It is often necessary to remove the tree to prevent this kind of damage.
  • Tree Removal Discourages Pests – Lastly, it may be necessary to use tree removal services if the tree is attracting pests to your property. This is often the case for nut and fruit trees—if squirrels and other wildlife are enjoying your tree’s bounty more than you are, you should consider getting it removed.