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We are TRAQ Certified!Our team at B&B Tree Management has extensive experience in the tree management industry, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our skills. Recently, our company earned its TRAQ certification from the ISA (International Society of Arborists), and we have put together this article to tell you more about what this means.

The ISA is an organization dedicated to educating professionals, public officials, and consumers around the world about the many economic, environmental, and societal benefits trees provide and spreading information about effective tree care. As part of their mission, they have created a variety of professional development programs to help arborists (like us) hone their skills. One of these programs is the TRAQ, or Tree Risk Assessment Qualification.

The TRAQ program is designed to educate arborists on tree risk assessment, teaching us a standardized, systematic method for evaluating the risks posed by trees. The program also includes training on how to communicate our findings to tree owners to help them make the best decisions to safeguard people and property and enhance tree health and longevity whenever possible.

To earn this certification, our team completed a rigorous training course and passed a comprehensive written assessment, as well as a performance-based evaluation. In order to maintain this qualification, we will need to pass the assessment again every five years, and we plan to keep this valuable knowledge fresh. The skills we learned in this program will help us evaluate the health and risk level of your trees more accurately and allow us to make more reasoned judgment calls when it comes to tree care or removal.