What to Do if You Need Emergency Tree Removal

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Our team at B&B Tree Management has extensive experience in the tree care industry, and one of the many services we offer is emergency tree removal. If a tree or its branches have fallen around your property, you should call us right away to get the prompt removal services you need. In this article, we’ll explain what to do when a tree falls on your property and you need emergency tree removal:

What to Do if You Need Emergency Tree Removal

  • Call for Help – If a tree or branch has fallen on your property, you’ll need to call for assistance. First, our team can give you the emergency tree removal services you need. In addition, you might need to make additional calls, depending on the circumstances. For example, if the tree has fallen into the road, you’ll need to call emergency services, and if it has damaged power lines, you’ll need to call the power company.
  • Document the Damage – While you wait for our emergency tree removal services to arrive, you should take photos of the damage. Thoroughly document the fallen tree and the damage it has caused so you can submit this evidence with your insurance claim. If the fallen tree damages your neighbor’s property too, have them take photos as well.
  • Relocate if Necessary – Depending on the severity of any damage to your home, you may need to find alternative accommodations until repairs are complete. We can give you an estimation of the time it will take for us to complete the emergency tree removal, so you can make appropriate plans.