Prompt Removal of Problem Trees

Call for emergency tree services based in Sevierville and serving all of East Tennessee

Did a recent storm leave a tree half-hanging over your home or driveway? Did a tree fall down in the middle of your cul-de-sac, blocking your route out of the neighborhood? B&B Tree Management, LLC will be there right away. We offer emergency tree removal services in Sevierville, Gatlinburg, and East TN. We can:

  • Clean up fallen branches
  • Remove fallen trees
  • Remove precarious trees



A tree emergency isn't something we take lightly. Our crew will respond promptly to your needs to prevent further problems for your property and your family with our emergency tree removal services. Call B&B Tree Management, LLC as soon as possible for help.



Stop problems before they happen

Stop problems before they happen

With preventive maintenance, you can rest assured your trees won't cause harm to you or your property. We offer preventive maintenance services to keep you protected. Our tree specialists can examine the trees on and around your property to make sure they won't cause problems if a storm hits with proactive tree removal services.

If we see dead, dying, diseased or leaning trees, we'll recommend moving forward with tree trimming or tree removal. Call B&B Tree Management, LLC of Sevierville, TN for preventive tree services.