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We have the experience and supplies to help treat and contain harmful tree diseases threatening your trees.

Tree Diseases in Knoxville, TennesseeWe often think of trees as invulnerable titans, standing tall and proud. However, there are many tree diseases that can render your once strong and healthy trees into fragile, rotting shells. You’ll need a skilled team to help you combat tree diseases, and our team at B&B Tree Management is more than ready to step up to the challenge.

Our team can help treat and prevent a number of common tree diseases, including:

  • Anthracnose. This fungal disease usually rears its ugly head early in the growing seasons and attacks the leaves and sometimes stems of deciduous trees. The symptoms vary, but you may notice dark, sunken spots or lesions on the leaves, stems, or fruit.
  • Powdery Mildew. Another fungal disease, powdery mildew manifests in circular patches that are grey or white in color and may be found on leaves, stems, flowers, or buds. This is one of the most rapidly spreading tree diseases, so taking prompt action is key.
  • Verticillium Wilt. Verticillium wilt is a fungal tree disease that attacks the xylem tissue that transports water through the tree trunk. If you notice one side of the tree is wilting with yellow or brown leaves, the odds are high that you’re dealing with verticillium wilt.
  • Armillaria Root Rot. This fungal tree disease attacks the roots and base of a tree and is sometimes called shoestring rot because of the stringy black rhizomorphs it produces under the tree’s bark. You’ll likely see large clusters of golden-brown mushrooms at the base of trees infected with armillaria root rot. This disease most often attacks trees that are already stressed, but it can also be found on previously healthy trees.

As you likely noticed, most tree diseases are fungal, and these multi-cellular organisms thrive in warm, humid environments like what we frequently experience here in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. Fungal tree diseases can spread via a wide range of hosts. They can be carried on the wind or in water, creep through the soil, and even hitch a ride on insects, birds, squirrels, and other creatures that make contact with your trees — including you! That’s why we recommend allowing our skilled team to treat any tree diseases you may be dealing with, as we can take steps to slow or stop the spread and prevent cross-contamination.

If you know or suspect your property is struggling with tree diseases, contact our team today to get the treatment your trees need!

At B&B Tree Management, we provide treatment for tree diseases in Sevierville, Alcoa, Pigeon Forge, Kodak, Gatlinburg, Knoxville, and Seymour, Tennessee.